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Welcome to Jostedalen, your number 1 destination for active holidays


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Glacier hiking

Glacier lake kayaking

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We wish you all welcome to Jostedalen in 2015, enjoy the nature, enjoy Breheimsenteret, meet people, join the exciting activities, have a good time!


Download the Jostedal 2014-15 brochure here,

Download the Sognefjord guide 2015: Norsk - English - Deutsch - Nederlands


Please see our video page: VIDEOS FROM JOSTEDAL with glacier hiking, kayaking and rafting.

And Picture Gallery here

The Glacier Bus is a good way of getting here from many resorts in the Sognefjord area

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Breturar på Nigardsbreen kvar dag.
Glacier hikes on the Nigardsbreen glacier every day.
Booking Breheimsenteret tlf. +47 57683250.
Kayaking and glacier hikes every day.
Rafting on Jostedal River every day
Skiing? Backcountry adventures? Yes, Jostedalen is the place. More here

Weather forecast for the Jostedal valley.

New National Park in Jostedal:
The Breheimen National Park is now established. Our prime minister Jens Stoltenberg opened the new park on Friday August 14 2009. That means the Jostedalen valley now is surrounded by National Parks: The Jostedalsbreen and the new Breheimen. See video. See map of Jostedalen between two National Parks.

Melting glaciers? Yes, many of the glacier arms of the Jostedalsbreen National Park are melting away. The good news is that Nigardsbreen and the other glacier arms in the Jostedalen valley are so big and have such a big volume that the melting is very slow. So if you want to see a glacier still worth seeing, come to Jostedalen.

Breheimsenteret is a National Park Visitor's Center at the entrance of the Jostedal Glacier National Park. The glacier and the park have their names from the Jostedalen Valley. The Nigard Glacier is the easiest accessible arm of the main glacier. In August a new National Park was established on the eastern side of the Jostedal valley. This park is called Breheimen National Park. (about the park, only in Norwegian at the moment).
That means that Jostedalen will be a long, narrow valley between two wonderful national parks. A good position to be in. A good place to visit.

In the Center you can visit our museum, a thrilling experience, and who knows, you might just learn something too!
We also have a souvenirs shop, with sweaters, jackets, T-shirts and postcards. And of course genaral tourist information for the Sognefjord region.
Our lunch restaurant is perfect for a break in between exciting experinces in unspoiled nature. For tour operators: We have several group offers. Please email
Do you have kids? They'll love the Children's Climbing Room, within the cafeteria. And of course we have free wireless connection to the Internet.
And most of the very exciting outdoor activities in Jostedal are booked in the Breheimsenteret.

Overview of the Nigardsbreen area

Overview with magnifying glass
- new!

Jostedal,Jostedalsbreen National Park,Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark,National Geographic,Nigardsbreen,Sognefjord,FjordNorwaySee large map

Jostedal,Jostedalsbreen National Park,Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark,National Geographic,Nigardsbreen,Sognefjord,FjordNorway

Why not stay overnight in Jostedalen ?
Jostedal Hotel
phone 57 68 31 19
Jostedal Camping,
phone 57 68 39 14
or 97 75 67 89
Nigardsbreen Guesthouse
phone+47 91125842
Nigardsbreen Camping
phone 57 68 31 35
Prestegarden Apartment
phone 94869627
Nyørk Bergset
phone +47 57683284

Jostedal,Jostedalsbreen National Park,Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark,National Geographic,Nigardsbreen,Sognefjord,FjordNorway

is the main outdoor activity center of the Sognefjord region. Nature itself is the main ingredient, and first class guides take you out to adventurous activities like glacier hikes, kayaking, rafting, canyoning. And of course plenty of opportunities for hiking on your own in the National Park mountains and valleys.
and the Google Earth location

isgrotte Nigardsbreen
Winter? Spectacular!
Fimbul Jostedal
are ready to take you into the adventures of snow and ice.
Jostedal,Jostedalsbreen National Park,Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark,National Geographic,Nigardsbreen,Sognefjord,FjordNorway

Is global warming melting the glaciers?
Come to Jostedalen and check it out! So far the glacier arms are reacting very individually. The Nigardsbreen Glaciers almost unaffected, while other glacier arms are melting away. Come and have a close look at the ice here in Jostedal. You can even walk on it. Or paddle among icebergs.
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Jostedal,Jostedalsbreen National Park,Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark,National Geographic,Nigardsbreen,Sognefjord,FjordNorway
Follow glacier monitoring and research in Norway HERE
Jostedal,Jostedalsbreen National Park,Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark,National Geographic,Nigardsbreen,Sognefjord,FjordNorway

The Glacier Festival

highlights everything connected to nature and nature activities. The glaciers are of course the main focus. Lectures, guided walks with scientists, activities for kids, and of course good music and excellent parties all week. See festival homepage
Jostedal,Jostedalsbreen National Park,Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark,National Geographic,Nigardsbreen,Sognefjord,FjordNorway

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